Car Cigarette Lighter Charger,4 in 1 Dual Ports USB 3.1A, Temperature Display LED

4 in 1 Dual Ports USB 3.1A Car Cigarette Lighter Charger Temperature Display LED
Manufacturer: Dynx Limited
SKU: Dynx-1004
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4 in 1 car charger.
New design with double 3.1A USB output,PTTC over-current protection,display the voltage,temperature and current alternately by each 20 seconds.Auto power off while the input current or output current is greater than the safety current,please plug out will working again.
Input voltage:DC 12 V-24V
Output voltage: DC 5V
Output current: 3.1A
Conversion efficiency:95%
Voltage measuring range: 5 V - 25 V
Current measuring range: 0-3.1 A
Temperature measurement range: - 20 degrees to + 80 degrees

package:1pcs 4 in 1 car charger

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