Live Video monitoring & GPRS Tracking Solution for Private & Commercial Fleet, 1 to 100+ Vehicles

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On The Route Live Video Viewing, Recording and GPRS Tracking For Commercial Fleet Telematics, video and GPRS monitoring A new affordable telematics and video-based camera with a difference, providing cutting-edge technology with the following features: - 9-axis G sensor for Drivers’ behavior Analysis - Dual-channel camera recording - 3G GPS Tracking Camera - Hidden and locked SIM & SD Port - No press-button on device - External cable battery, more secured - H.264 decoding
Manufacturer: Dynx Limited

Most Advanced Driving Recorder 3G Gps tracker Dash cam Super Night Vision Vehicle Blackbox


Product Description : 3G GPS Tracking Dash Camera                                                                                      
If you want the most advanced dash cam on the market, look no further.  It has features you’d expect on high-end products like 3G and WIFI connectivity, 1080p video, GPS tracking, Cloud Server, Dual-cam etc. 
With two cameras (front and inward) recording video sychronously, support for SD card with up to 32GB capacity apiece, it record crystal clear footage day or night for hours on end without needing to overlap old video. G-sensor is built into the device to automatically record and lock footage in the instance of a damaging accident. It is also well regarded for its resistance to high heat or extreme cold, so you won’t have to worry about frying your expensive new device on the windshield.