Complete set of Detachable Twin Plate Holder Platform + Number Plate Printing + Council plate Bracket

Order a complete set of Detachable Twin Plate Holder Platform + Square DVLA Number Plate Printing + Council plate Bracket , All fitted on the bracket and ready to go . please see the pictures.
Manufacturer: Dynx Limited
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Delivery date: 2 to 3 days

Removable/Detachable Twin plate Holder Platform for Chauffeur and Private Hire Cars, Taxi's and Minicabs

Follow the link below on YouTube to see how it works

Follow the link below on YouTube for the instructions how to assemble the twin plate holder

You don’t need to drill holes in bumper or body of your lovely car, simply mount the Detachable Twin plate holder when you are working or dismount when not working

If you are travelling with the family/friends and not working, you don't want to show the taxi plate attached to the car, your car will be treated with more respect on the road.

Or even if you mount the twin plate holder platform at the back of your car it will look much more decent with the two plates attached properly side by side instead of attaching license plate at the bumper or body of car (and causing damage by making extra holes) 

 Simply use our Twin Plate Attachment Platform to attach both plates (DVLA & Council) side by side. It fits precisely in to rear number plate space as shown in the pictures.

 Four clips are provided on the back side of plate which grip your existing normal rear DVLA registration plate. It takes few seconds to put the plate on when you are working and it can easily be removed by pressing from the top edges.

Want to save on postage and collect it personally? If you are a regular Heathrow visitor go to our re-sellers shop and also get your square DVLA number plat (11"x8") as wellRe-sellers : Motorist Discount Center, 524 London Road, Slough, SL3 8QR

Note : We will provide you the metal base platform with the set of 12 self-tapping screws and 4x metal washers. We will not be providing the council license plate holder or DVLA Registration number plate; these are shown here for the illustration purpose only.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE : The way in which license plate and other identification products are displayed on private hire and commercial vehicles are decided by your local licensing authority. It is not a matter for this company to advise or suggest. Different local councils have varying rules and it is buyer’s (owners/drivers of the vehicles) responsibility to check with their local council rules and make sure before purchasing any of our products (brackets, plate holders or twin plate bracket/platforms etc.) that their use, attachment and position on the car/vehicle is compliant with the terms and conditions which apply to their licence/permit.

. If our products are not suitable to your vehicle for any reason please contact our customer service for a return and refund. We have “no questions ask” policy and will refund you the full amount as soon as possible. For information regarding our “returns policy” please see reverse side of leaflet

Deterioration of springs and other metal/plastic components: Springs should be replaced if you see the signs of wear due to extensive use. To order go to

Plastic coating on mounting clips: A pair of new mounting clips should be purchased and replaced if you see signs of wear/damaged plastic coating due to extensive use. The purpose of plastic-coated mounting clips is to protect your car from getting scratch while mounting. To order new ones go to

Detachable Twin Plate Brackets – Please note: (1). We will provide you the metal base platform with the set of 12 self-tapping screws and 4x metal washers. We will not be providing the council license plate holder or DVLA Registration number plate; these are shown in the pictures for the illustration purpose only.  (2). You will be required to make square DVLA registration number plate (motorcycle style) recommended size is 11 inch wide x 8 inch high. (3). The size of the Detachable Twin Plate Bracket (including council /DVLA number plate fitted) is approximately 53cm wide and 21cm high, It will need an approximate 21 inch x 9 inch (53cm wide x 23cm high) space to operate while mounting or removing it from the top of existing long number plate.  (4). We would like to advise that your existing DVLA long plate should be fitted and secured with multiple screws/washers (and NOT with the double-sided sticky tape).  (5). Use small washers at the back of the fitted number plate to give it enough space for the plate holder bracket clips to take proper secure grip.  (5). Please avoid using double sided sticky tapes to attach any of the plates on platform bracket or car number plates.

 POSTAGE : To the best of our abilities, orders will be posted before the mentioned deadline give within product listings, normally a next day dispatch, however in occasions in which  have to pass-on the orders to our third-party suppliers or suppliers from abroad, the delivery /dispatch deadlines may take longer then expected. We try our best to clearly mention an approximated delivery date for those products/orders with longer delivery dates. All Next Day Delivery Orders are targeted to be posted on the same day if received before 10.00am between Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and weekends. On occasions where we are short of stock, the order will be processed and sent next working day. If the Next Day Delivery orders are dispatched after a 2nd day, we will refund you the excess postage price difference (listed in the product listing). We will not be held responsible if the courier company delays the delivery of parcels or if they are not delivering on time matching what we have mentioned in our listings. These are the average estimated time where 97% of the parcels are delivered on time by the courier companies. All order which includes number plate printing sent the next working day due to the longer/delayed processing of number plate printing.

 Return Policy : Our aim is to keep all our customers satisfied. If for any reason you are not happy with the product or if it does not fit/operate due to your car’s make and model or the smaller number plate area space, we offer a full refund upon receipt of the returned goods. . All lost/damaged parcels during transportation will be refunded in full or a product replacement will be sent upon receipt of goods, if requested by customer. We may charge for the postage and packaging cost for returned goods if they are not faulty or damaged during transit. This applies for 30 days after purchase. If you are not happy with any of our products or services, please contact us first to let us know if we are able to resolve the issue. Our aim is to give you a good service and experience. For details visit

All rights reserved, Any unauthorized publishing, design copying or re-making will constitute an infringement of copyright, Commercial copying is prohibited. This fact sheet is Copyright © The UK Copyright Service and protected under UK and international law. The use of this fact sheet is covered by the conditions of a Dynx Limited. This fact sheet is intended only as an introduction to ideas and guidance only. It should not be treated as a definitive guide, nor should it be considered to cover every area of concern, or be regarded as legal advice.

 Dynx Limited,

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